Thursday, October 20, 2016

LoL Smurf Account

Hey you, have you ever think playing league of legends "fuck this elo, i want reset now all ranked", "i just want have fun but i dont want ruin my mmr", "i want play with a poor friend who is bronze but my mmr is too high", "i want try some new champions without consequences for my mmr" or something like this? I was sure, do you know what is the solution? The solution is just to have a lol smurf account! Yes... but probably you do not want make a new email and a new lol smurf account, because doing a lol smurf account from the beginning it's a waste of your time and you spend so many time in useless normal games. That's a problem on a lot of people and that's why we work for this! If you want a lol smurf account in our site you can find it at level 30. Lol smurf account at level 30 in every server you want. We have na level 30 lol accounts, euw level 30 lol accounts and oce level 30 lol accounts. We have PBE accounts too and all our PBE accounts has not a time limit like some others sites! They are safe! The account will last to you for all life if you dont do bad things to get it banned. With a lol smurf account you can have a lot of fun: you can have fun playing vs low elo players, you can teach how to play to a friend without find high elo player that can ruin your coaching, you can buy and try new champions and new skins that you have not in the main account and you can do a lot more! We have a 24/7 live chat support and a instant delivery for all lol smurf accounts sold. Remember that we never got an issue or a ban report, our accounts are very safe! Everyone trust us and they let know our website to their friends because it is good and safe because every lol smurf account is leveled by real people and not with bots, so you wont have any problem. All our accounts come also with a lifetime warranty so if something happen to your account, we will help you to fix the problem or we will provide you a new lol smurf account. Let's buy a new lol smurf account, it is safe and very usefull, start now to have fun! Leave us also a review! Good luck summoner into the battles!

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